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Promotes lean
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Enhances energy
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Clinically proven ingredients

Clinically proven

Clinically proven ingredients

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100% natural

Hunter Test

  • 3000mg of the proven T-booster D-AA

  • 6 capsules per day for maximum results

  • Proudly made in the USA

  • Safe, natural, clinically-tested ingredients

  • Fully transparent ingredient list

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  • Less than the 3000mg D-AA benchmark

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Hunter Test gives you more of what you need

Don’t miss out for a second longer. Thousands of men are already enjoying:

  • Increased energy and drive
  • Boosted libido
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All thanks to Test by Hunter Evolve’s natural, powerful and proven formulation.

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Hunter Test is the next-generation test booster trusted by thousands of men to help them live healthier, happier and more rewarding lives.

By selecting only the finest natural ingredients - each backed by the latest clinical research - and packing more in to each capsule, Hunter Test allows you to enjoy a natural restoration of vitality and drive by halting and then reversing testosterone decline.

The most powerful formula
to reverse testosterone depletion on the market

You've worked hard to get where you are. Don't let it crumble on your watch. Fight back against ageing with Hunter Test.

Test by Hunter Evolve is the world’s most powerful, natural, clinically-backed testosterone booster. Sold exclusively via the Hunter Evolve website, Hunter Test’s unique formula delivers the most effective ingredients in the biggest doses to safely and effectively boost your testosterone levels.

Hunter Evolve’s philosophy is bigger is better. And nowhere is this more true than in our ingredients’ profile. Every capsule is packed with more proven ingredients, delivered in the largest quantities, so that you can enjoy the biggest benefits in the quickest time.

Take back control over
decreasing testosterone levels

Did you know that many of the symptoms we associate with middle age may have an internal chemical origin? Testosterone is a key hormone directly linked with muscle, strength and sex drive. It also plays a key function in growth and fat loss.

Think back to when you were twenty. Remember all that confidence and swagger you had? That’s what peak testosterone feels like.

Unfortunately, this naturally occurring steroid starts to decline throughout our thirties, forties and beyond. A recent study from Harvard University found that by the time you reach fifty, you may have only half the testosterone level as your 18-year-old self.

But it doesn't have to be this way. With Hunter Test, testosterone depletion can be stopped in its tracks. Even better, it can be reversed!


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You may have tried the rest,
now experience the best: Hunter Test

You possibly have seen similar products marketed online. You may have even purchased them, only to be left disappointed. That’s because only Hunter Test is packed with a natural blend of nine active ingredients - each chosen for their documented effectiveness in boosting testosterone.

Hunter Test not only contains more active ingredients than the competition, it provides them at higher doses and greater levels than rival offers. A pure, proven and potent natural blend - independently tested by some of the world’s most rigorous laboratories.

Each daily dose provides as much zinc as 30oz of raw steak, and the same amount of magnesium as a cup of spinach leaves. And that’s only some of the natural ingredients that pack such a punch...

Documented benefits of the testosterone boost
provided by Hunter Test include:

  • More energy - Increased stamina and motivation allows you to work hard and play even harder. One regular user said he experienced a “new vitality” poured into him
  • Back in shape - Friends and family will notice the muscle mass that you’re able to build and maintain, giving you the powerful confidence you deserve
  • Supports virility - Enjoy the libido-enhancing effects with an increased sex drive, combined with a fertility boost. Make relationship squabbles a thing of the past
  • Youthful appearance - Thanks to a spike in the skin’s collagen production, you will look younger with that unmistakable, youthful glow
  • Stay healthy - It’s not just the benefits you can see. Internally, raised testosterone levels are associated with lower levels of heart disease and diabetes, so you can remain healthier for years to come

The science behind why Hunter Test works
(and other T-boosters you might have tried don’t)

Testosterone Diagram

D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) is one of the most powerful and effective natural test boosters available. This natural amino acid boosts the production of luteinizing hormone - a key recursor to the production and release of testosterone. Boost your luteinizing hormone levels and see your testosterone rocket. Evidence showed that supplementing with D-AA can increase testosterone levels by 42% in just 14 days1.

D-AA works and it is powerful. This is why each daily serving of Test by Hunter Evolve contains more D-AA than any other test booster on the market. Compare our enormous 3000mg per day serving with any of the so-called competition. If your current test booster is cutting corners by not providing you with the doses of D-AA you deserve, switch to a brand that allows you to demand more.

Each capsule is bursting with
proven Test-Boosting ingredients

Testosterone Diagram

D-aspartic acid

DAA occurs naturally in your body and is vital for testosterone production. Studies have demonstrated that supplementing this essential amino acid can cause testosterone levels to rise significantly - and in less than two weeks! (Citation)

Testosterone Diagram

Ashwagandha root extract

A recent study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that this traditional herb produced a significant increase in testosterone, whilst also boosting muscle recovery and fat loss. (Citation to go here)

Testosterone Diagram

Indole 3-carbinol

Another perfectly natural extract, usually found in raw green vegetables. This clever compound works by blocking estrogen - the natural neutraliser of testosterone - to improve your hormone balance.

You’ll also benefit from optimum servings of: Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, magnesium, zinc,
Asian ginseng and boron.

Check out why our R&D team selected each ingredient below:

Muscle Mass Amplifier

Research-backed natural mass-builders help boost your strength and pack on muscle whilst fighting the flab

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid 3000 mg

D-Aspartic acid, or DAA, is one of the forms of aspartic acid, an amino acid. DAA has a crucial role in the production of testosterone by the body. It targets the part of your brain responsible for hormone release, while also increasing testosterone synthesis in the testes.

A study in 2009 found that DAA supplementation led to a 42% increase in testosterone after just 12 days [1]. Other studies have found that men who suffer from low testosterone respond well to DAA supplementation, particularly men who are overweight [2].

DAA has also been found to be highly effective at increasing male fertility. A 2012 study found that DAA played a crucial role in improving sperm quality, motility, and count [3].

The clinical dosage for DAA is between 2000-3000 mg per day, Hunter Test provides you with an ideal dosage.

  1. [1] Topo, E., Soricelli, A., D’Aniello, A., Ronsini, S., & D’Aniello, G. (2009). The role and molecular mechanism of D-aspartic acid in the release and synthesis of LH and testosterone in humans and rats. Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, 7(1).
  2. [2] Bloomer, R. J., Gunnels, T. A., Moran, R. G., & Schriefer, J. M. (2015). Influence of a D-aspartic Acid/Sodium Nitrate/Vitamin D3 Dietary Supplement on Physiological Parameters in Middle-aged Men: A Pilot Study. The Open Nutraceuticals Journal, 8(1), 43–48.
  3. [3] D’Aniello, G., Ronsini, S., Notari, T., Grieco, N., Infante, V., D’Angel, N., Mascia, F., Fiore, M. M. D., Fisher, G., & D’Aniello, A. (2012). D-Aspartate, a Key Element for the Improvement of Sperm Quality. Advances in Sexual Medicine, 02(04), 45–53.
Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 150 µg

Vitamin K does not help with testosterone production, at least not directly. It’s main function is to help improve the effectiveness of vitamin D. The two have what is known as a synergistic relationship [1]. Combining your vitamin D3 with vitamin K2 will help to improve testosterone production, but these two vitamins are also highly effective at increasing bone mineral density. Giving you stronger bones and improving your joint health [2].

  1. [1] van Ballegooijen, A. J., Pilz, S., Tomaschitz, A., Grübler, M. R., & Verheyen, N. (2017). The Synergistic Interplay between Vitamins D and K for Bone and Cardiovascular Health: A Narrative Review. International Journal of Endocrinology, 2017, 1–12.
  2. [2] Kuang, X., Liu, C., Guo, X., Li, K., Deng, Q., & Li, D. (2020). The combination effect of vitamin K and vitamin D on human bone quality: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Food & Amp; Function, 11(4), 3280–3297.
Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 5000 IU

When it comes to vitamins, Vitamin D is unique. It is more accurately described as a hormone, and has many health benefits. There are three ways to get vitamin D; from UVB rays in sunlight, from a diet rich in foods such as eggs and oily fish, and via supplementation.

For men who live in colder climates, vitamin D deficiencies are quite common, this is due to spending a lot of time indoors and not getting as much sunlight. Hunter Test contains 5000 IU, a powerful dosage designed to provide top results.

Vitamin D3 supplementation has been shown to help reduce body fat and increase muscle mass [1]. It also appears to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease [2] and improve your sleep quality.

But the main reason why Hunter Test contains vitamin D3 is that it has been shown to support healthy testosterone levels in men with vitamin D deficiencies by around 25% [3].

  1. [1] Jung, H., Seo, M. W., Lee, S., Kim, S., & Song, J. (2018b). Vitamin D3 Supplementation Reduces the Symptoms of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection during Winter Training in Vitamin D-Insufficient Taekwondo Athletes: A Randomized Controlled Trial. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15(9), 2003.
  2. [2] Seibert, E., Lehmann, U., Riedel, A., Ulrich, C., Hirche, F., Brandsch, C., Dierkes, J., Girndt, M., & Stangl, G. I. (2015). Vitamin D3 supplementation does not modify cardiovascular risk profile of adults with inadequate vitamin D status. European Journal of Nutrition, 56(2), 621–634.
  3. [3] Pilz, S., Frisch, S., Koertke, H., Kuhn, J., Dreier, J., Obermayer-Pietsch, B., Wehr, E., & Zittermann, A. (2010b). Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Testosterone Levels in Men. Hormone and Metabolic Research, 43(03), 223–225.

Energy Ignition

Beat fatigue and enjoy a radiant confidence with ingredients chosen by our R&D team to restore your testosterone levels


Asian Ginseng 300 mg

Asian ginseng, also known as panax ginseng, is a plant root that can be found in China and Korea that is frequently used in herbal medicine. Panax ginseng is frequently studied in Western medicine, and has been found to have several health benefits associated with it.

One of the most well-researched benefits is its ability to reduce fatigue [1]. It can also help to improve recovery from exercise [2] as well as increasing the quality of your sleep [3].

While Asian ginseng has been mostly added to improve your mood, sleep quality, and recovery, it can also help to normalise testosterone levels in men who have low-T scores or who are infertile [4].

  1. [1] Hong, M., Lee, Y. H., Kim, S., Suk, K. T., Bang, C. S., Yoon, J. H., Baik, G. H., Kim, D. J., & Kim, M. J. (2016). Anti-inflammatory and antifatigue effect of Korean Red Ginseng in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Journal of Ginseng Research, 40(3), 203–210.
  2. [2] Jung, H. L., Kwak, H. E., Kim, S. S., Kim, Y. C., Lee, C. D., Byurn, H. K., & Kang, H. Y. (2011). Effects of Panax ginseng Supplementation on Muscle Damage and Inflammation after Uphill Treadmill Running in Humans. The American Journal of Chinese Medicine, 39(03), 441–450.
  3. [3] Kitaoka, K., Uchida, K., Okamoto, N., Chikahisa, S., Miyazaki, T., Takeda, E., & Séi, H. (2009). Fermented Ginseng Improves the First-Night Effect in Humans. Sleep, 32(3), 413–421.
  4. [4] Salvati G, Genovesi G, Marcellini L, Paolini P, I. De Nuccio, M Pepe, & Re M. (1996). Effects of Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer saponins on male fertility. Panminerva Medica, 38(4), 249–254.

Ashwagandha 300 mg

One of the biggest testosterone “killers” is chronically high cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone with a number of uses, but too much cortisol can affect your sleep, your appetite, and your testosterone levels.

Ashwagandha is an ideal supplement ingredient as it is highly effective at reducing cortisol levels and relieving stress [1]. It is also good at improving the quality of your sleep, reducing fatigue, and it can increase your motivation [2].

All of which can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and support healthy testosterone production. Not only that, but there is also evidence that ashwagandha can help to improve your fertility. Increasing sperm count and motility [3].

There is also evidence that ashwagandha can help to improve your recovery from exercise by reducing muscle damage after a workout [4]. Ashwagandha may also help with weight loss, studies on overweight men saw small drops in body fat over time [5]. Lower body fat levels can help to restore lost testosterone.

  1. [1] Lopresti, A. L., Smith, S. J., Malvi, H., & Kodgule, R. (2019b). An investigation into the stress-relieving and pharmacological actions of an ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) extract. Medicine, 98(37), e17186.
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Boron Chelate

Boron 10 mg

Boron is a trace mineral that is effective at reducing inflammation, and also helps to restore and support healthy testosterone levels. A 2011 study found that 10 mg of boron taken daily for six days led to significant increases in testosterone, possibly due to a reduction in circulating levels of sex-hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) [1].

  1. [1] Naghii, M. R., Mofid, M., Asgari, A. R., Hedayati, M., & Daneshpour, M. S. (2011b). Comparative effects of daily and weekly boron supplementation on plasma steroid hormones and proinflammatory cytokines. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, 25(1), 54–58.

Performance Power

Utilizing the latest findings, we select clinical-grade nutraceuticals proven to deliver an unmistakeable vitality boost


Zinc 30 mg

Zinc supplementation has been linked with increases in testosterone levels, as well as improvements in male fertility. A 2007 study on sedentary males found that zinc supplementation helped to protect and support healthy testosterone production in men who exercised regularly [1].

The theory behind this is that regular exercise increases your use of zinc, creating a deficiency. As zinc plays an important role in hormone production your testosterone levels can drop. Zinc supplementation can therefore protect your testosterone production, leading to increases over time.

Zinc is also help to increase male fertility, specifically sperm count in infertile men. A 1981 study found that zinc supplementation led to significant increases in testosterone and sperm count in infertile men [2].

  1. [1] Mehmet Kilic. (2007). Effect of fatiguing bicycle exercise on thyroid hormone and testosterone levels in sedentary males supplemented with oral zinc. Neuroendocrinology Letters, 28(5), 681–685.
  2. [2] Netter, A., Nahoul, K., & Hartoma, R. (1981b). Effect of Zinc Administration on Plasma Testosterone, Dihydrotestosterone, and Sperm Count. Archives of Andrology, 7(1), 69–73.

Indole-3-Carbinol 200 mg

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a powerful component of indole-3-carbinol, you can find indole-3-carbinol in cruciferous vegetables such as kale, cauliflower, and broccoli. It has been added to Hunter Test due to its ability to inhibit an enzyme called aromatase.

The aromatase enzyme converts free testosterone into estrogen. As we gain body fat, aromatase increases in number and we begin to see significant drops in testosterone while simultaneously seeing increases in estrogen (which can cause breast tissue in men).

Indole-3-carbinol inhibits aromatase, preventing it from converting your testosterone [1]. This means that over time your testosterone levels should rise back to their optimal levels.

  1. [1] Licznerska, B. E., Szaefer, H., Murias, M., Bartoszek, A., & Baer-Dubowska, W. (2012). Modulation of CYP19 expression by cabbage juices and their active components: indole-3-carbinol and 3,3′-diindolylmethene in human breast epithelial cell lines. European Journal of Nutrition, 52(5), 1483–1492.

Magnesium 200 mg

Magnesium is commonly used to improve sleep quality, and there is a lot of evidence that it is successful in this [1]. But there is also evidence that magnesium can help to increase muscular strength [2] and testosterone levels. A 2010 study on sedentary men found that magnesium supplementation over a 4 week period led to increases in total and free testosterone [3].

Magnesium can also help to improve recovery from exercise. Improving sleep quality and recovery from exercise can lead to optimal testosterone levels in men.

  1. [1] Forrest H. Nielsen, LuAnn K. Johnson, & Huawei Zeng. (2010). Magnesium supplementation improves indicators of low magnesium status and inflammatory stress in adults older than 51 years with poor quality sleep. Magnesium Research, 23(4), 158–168.
  2. [2] Brilla, L. R., & Haley, T. F. (1992b). Effect of magnesium supplementation on strength training in humans. Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 11(3), 326–329.
  3. [3] Cinar, V., Polat, Y., Baltaci, A. K., & Mogulkoc, R. (2010b). Effects of Magnesium Supplementation on Testosterone Levels of Athletes and Sedentary Subjects at Rest and after Exhaustion. Biological Trace Element Research, 140(1), 18–23.

Supplement Facts
30 Servings per container

Serving Size: 6 Capsules Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) 5000IU 1250
Vitamin K2 (as Menaquinone-7) 150µg 188
Magnesium (as Magnesium Aspartate) 200mg 50
Zinc (as Zinc Aspartate) 30mg 200
D-Aspartic Acid 3000mg **
Asian Ginseng (Panax Ginseng)(root)(standardized to 5% Ginsenosides) 300mg **
Ashwagandha Extract (Withania Somnifera)(root)(standardized to 5% Withanolides) 300mg **
Indole-3-Carbinol 200mg **
Boron (as Boron Amino Acid Chelate) 10mg **

**Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Rice Flour, Gelatin (capsule), Silicon Dioxide, Vegetable Stearate.
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The name you can trust

Proudly made in the US and UK in FDA-approved, cGMP-registered facilities

Just as important is what Hunter Test DOESN’T contain: no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

All you’ll find is safe, natural, tested ingredients; manufactured to the highest quality standards in the USA in cGMP approved and certified facilities.It’s simple: Only Hunter Evolve packs in more ingredients, at higher doses, and provides you with more capsules in every bottle, so you can fulfil your true potential.

In fact, we’re so proud of what we put into each capsule, we tell you directly. Unlike other companies, we don’t hide behind a proprietary blend. Our transparency policy means you can see exactly what’s in each capsule.

It’s our challenge thrown down to other brands: try to beat this. It’s a challenge we know they’ll fail. Hunter Test is the only test booster that provides you with all the scientifically-backed natural test boosters at effective dose levels.

Choose Hunter Test and choose to take your life to the next level.

Even better, Hunter Test makes it so easy!

Hunter Test is taken simply and discreetly in pill form. To the rest of the world, it looks like a regular vitamin supplement.

Taken throughout the day, with your morning coffee or evening drink, Hunter Test makes gaining a testosterone boost versatile and easy.

You don’t have to give up your favourite foods or start a new exercise regime. Simply let the natural blend of ingredients in Hunter Test do the work.

And because we care about your privacy, you’ll find all our products are shipped in plain packaging, so nobody else knows - not even the postman. Take delivery at home or to the office in confidence.


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Could I really see benefits in just one month?

Whilst individual results naturally vary, a plethora of recent studies all point to the gains obtained from Hunter Test’s natural ingredients within the first 28 days.

Our recent testimony from Mr. Smith of Manchester is typical of the many thousands of delighted Hunter Test customers from around the globe.

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Hunter Test FAQs

How many capsules do I take and how many are there?

There are 180 capsules per package, and you should take 6 a day. This will last you one month.

How long should I take Hunter Test For?

We suggest you take it for at least 3 months to feel the full benefits.

How old do I need to be to use Hunter Test?

We recommend taking it if you’re over 18 years old.

Does Hunter Test contain any stimulants?

There are no stimulants in Hunter Test.

Will I pass a drugs test if I have taken Hunter Test?

Yes. Hunter Test does not contain any banned or synthetic substances.

Can it be used with other supplements?

Yes. We would recommend you take Hunter Test, Burn and Focus together for a full body and mind improvement package. You can also take Hunter Test with any other supplement.

Are there any side effects?

As Hunter Test contains safe, natural ingredients, you should not experience any side effects.

Do I need to cycle Hunter Test?

No. You can take Hunter Test every day without cycling.

I’m a woman, can I take this product?

Yes. Hunter Test is designed to boost testosterone, energy and strength in both men and women.

What ingredients are in Hunter Test?

Here's where you can find a full disclosure of the ingredients and why they are in Hunter Test.

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Hunter Test Ultimate

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Hunter Test 2 Months

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FREE Boss Workouts (Worth: $596)
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- Detailed nutrition E-Books
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  • Bigger Dosages
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Free E-books and Workout Programs

Boss Shred Boss Lean Mass Boss Shape and Burn Boss Prime Male
Hunter Test 1 Month

Hunter Test 1 Month

180 Capsules

  • Bigger Dosages
  • Premium Ingredients
  • Science-backed Formula
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