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Hunter Burn ensures that not only do you get MORE… you get the BEST. We pack our bottles with more capsules than our so-called competition offer up, and ensure that each 6-capsule daily serving delivers premium, natural ingredients.

We’re so confident as to the quality and efficacy of the Hunter Burn fat-burning blend that we make it available for all to see. We encourage you to compare our pure and clean product against any rival fat burner.

You’ll find no added “nasties” - just natural ingredients of unparalleled quality. And every capsule of Hunter Test is manufactured in gold-standard facilities in the USA and UK. We are proud to confirm to the FDA’s Current Good Manufacture Practice (cGMP) regulations, so you can enjoy peace of mind.

It means that Hunter Burn fully lives up to the promise of being a premium fat burner for premium men.

The six natural ingredients harnessed in Hunter Burn combine to provide three crucial weight-loss benefits:

Hunger Neutralizer

Konjac root White kidney bean


Cayenne Pepper Matcha Green Tea

Energy Unlock

L-Theanine Vitamin D

Hunger Neutralizer

Give carb cravings the boot with konjac root – a clinically proven weight loss fiber making you feel fuller for longer

Konjac root

Konjac Root

Also known as glucomannan, konjac root extract is a dietary fiber. It helps you beat the hunger cravings that threaten to derail your diet.

As a water-soluble fiber, konjac root extract expands in your stomach to help you feel fuller[1].

And as it moves through your bloodstream, it sucks out excess cholesterol[2] and blood sugar[3], while also allowing more room for healthy nutrients.

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White kidney bean

White Kidney Bean

White kidney bean extract is a dietary carbohydrate blocker. In other words, it stops the body absorbing too many calories and prevents weight gain [1].

While konjac root crushes nagging hunger, you’re only human. As a result, you might sometimes give in to temptation when cakes and other carb-heavy foods are on offer. For your peace of mind, white kidney bean is on hand to help prevent diet disasters.

White kidney bean is the only ingredient known to stop your body breaking down complex carbs into simple carbs [2]. This allows the food to pass straight through your digestive tract without being stored as fat.

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Safely fire up your metabolism with clinical-grade ingredients proven to help burn fat faster – even at rest

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a strong thermogenic rich in capsaicin, which gives the fruit its spicy taste, pungent aroma and fat-burning fire [1].

As a giant among thermogenics, cayenne pepper heats up your body and forces it to burn more energy to cool back down [2].

Taken six times a day as part of Hunter Burn, cayenne pepper ignites a full-body burn that hammers on your fat cells all day long.

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Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea

Green tea is rich in catechins. These active compounds boast thermogenic properties which raise your metabolism and break down fat.

One study shows green tea boosts the rate at which the body burns calories by up to 35% [1]. Further research shows matcha green tea is three times more potent than the strongest of the more common variants [2].

Hunter Burn is one of the very few fat burners to include the more potent matcha green tea. With this in mind, it promises even better results.

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Energy Unlock

Research-backed natural energy boosters provide both the stamina and motivation to fuel your workouts



L-theanine is a calming agent that lifts mood and reduces fat buildup.

While you might not relate fat loss with relaxation, L-theanine induces a calm alertness [1] that stops comfort eating and speeds up fat loss.

As well as its effects on hunger, this amino acid reduces triglyceride (fat cell) levels in your body [2].

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 is a steroid hormone that helps you cut fat AND gain muscle.

Despite its strong links to fat loss, you won’t find D3 in other fat burners. Old wisdom defines it as a test booster – with deficiency shown to cause both low T [1] and muscle wastage [2].

But the latest research shows the vitamin is no one-trick pony. In fact, studies show men with higher levels of D3 in their blood are more likely to lose weight and shed belly fat with exercise [3]

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