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Hunter Test ensures that not only do you get MORE… you get the BEST. We pack our bottles with more capsules than our so-called competition offer up, and ensure that each 6-capsule daily serving delivers premium, natural ingredients.

We’re so confident as to the quality and efficacy of the Hunter Test testosterone-boosting blend that we make it available for all to see. We encourage you to compare our pure and clean product against any rival test-booster.

You’ll find no added “nasties” - just natural ingredients of unparalleled quality. And every capsule of Hunter Test is manufactured in gold-standard facilities in the USA and UK. We are proud to confirm to the FDA’s Current Good Manufacture Practice (cGMP) regulations, so you can enjoy peace of mind.

It means that Hunter Test fully lives up to the promise of being a premium testosterone booster for premium men.

The nine ingredients in Hunter Test combine to provide three key testosterone support benefits:

Muscle Mass Amplifier

D-Aspartic Acid Vitamin K2 Vitamin D

Energy Ignition

Ginseng Ashwagandha Boron Chelate

Performance Power

Zinc Indole-3-Carbinol Magnesium

Muscle Mass Amplifier

Research-backed natural mass-builders help boost your strength and pack on muscle whilst fighting the flab

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid

Found in eggs, dairy and barley, D-aspartic acid (D-AA) is an awesome testosterone booster. Here’s why… This amino acid is shown to increase testosterone in men by as much as 30-60% after just 90 days. In the same study, subjects’ sperm counts rose by 60-100% [1].

D-AA boosts testosterone in three ways. First, it stimulates the release of the Luteinizing Hormone [2], which is a main precursor of the male hormone. Second, it acts on the Leydig cells to produce more testosterone in the testes [3]. And third, D-AA speeds up the rate at which your testes convert cholesterol into testosterone [4].

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Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2

Whereas D3 is one of the stars of the Hunter Test formula, vitamin K2 plays a key supporting role.

K2 works with D3 to stop the build-up of calcium in your arteries [1]. This causes more D3 to flow around the body, which then allows you to produce more testosterone. Also known as Menaquinone, K2 even boosts T in its own right. In one study, subjects who took K2 for five weeks saw a 70% increase in testosterone [2].

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D

The skin absorbs sunlight which allows the body to produce vitamin D3. But research shows over 1 billion people on Earth don’t get enough of this vital nutrient [1].

If you work long hours inside, or you live in a country without a lot of sun, you’re unlikely to be getting enough D3. And that’s too bad for your testosterone…

How D3 affects testosterone

D3 is a steroid hormone which boosts testosterone in men. In one study, men who took a dose of 3332 IU of D3 over one year saw their testosterone levels rise by 20% [2].

Research shows vitamin D3 increases bone strength [3] and muscle mass [4] to help prevent injuries and keep you strong. It also lowers your risk of diabetes [5], heart disease [6] and cancer [7]. Research suggests D3 may even help you live a longer, happier life [8].

A 2014 study from the North American Journal of Medical Sciences links vitamin D3 deficiency with fatigue [9]. As a result, taking more of the nutrient can make you feel more alert and focused.

So if 3332 IU is enough, why does Hunter Test contain 5000 IU?

D3 is a steroid hormone which boosts testosterone in men. In one study, men who took a dose of 3332 IU of D3 over one year saw their testosterone levels rise by 20% [2].

Research shows vitamin D3 increases bone strength [3] and muscle mass [4] to help prevent injuries and keep you strong. It also lowers your risk of diabetes [5], heart disease [6] and cancer [7]. Research suggests D3 may even help you live a longer, happier life [8].

A 2014 study from the North American Journal of Medical Sciences links vitamin D3 deficiency with fatigue [9]. As a result, taking more of the nutrient can make you feel more alert and focused.

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Energy Ignition

Beat fatigue and enjoy a radiant confidence with ingredients chosen by our R&D team to restore your testosterone levels


Asian Ginseng

Asian ginseng is an herb found in Korea and southern China.

Also known as Panax ginseng, it raises levels of the Luteinizing hormone [1], which helps your body produce more testosterone. As a result, ginseng has a number of benefits…

Research shows Asian ginseng reduces fatigue, lifts your mood [2], enhances your memory, and improves sleep quality [3].

What makes the ginseng in Hunter Test special?

Firstly, Panax ginseng is the only true form of ginseng [4] – and it’s also the richest source of the active ginsenosides which boost testosterone.

The standard form of the herb contains 2-3% ginsenosides. But Hunter Test uses a stronger form with 5% of the active ingredient. This makes it a much more potent test booster.

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The name ashwagandha comes from the Sanskrit for “smell of horse.” This denotes its fabled power to make you strong like a stallion.

But the Indian herb doesn’t just raise testosterone [1]. It’s also a potent adaptogen that reduces stress and depression [2], as well as fatigue [3].

Ashwagandha can even make you stronger in the gym, improve running capacity, and overall performance.

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Boron Chelate

Boron Chelate

Boron sources include raisins, almonds, hazelnuts and dried apricots – although you’d have to eat a lot of these foods every day to boost testosterone.

A study by Naghii et al [1] shows that men who took 10mg of Boron for one week saw their testosterone rise by 28%. Meanwhile, their estrogen levels fell by 39%.

The same study showed the mineral allows your body to absorb more Vitamin D and other steroid hormones. The result? Your testosterone levels rise even higher, you feel stronger and become more assertive than ever before.

Boron also helps keep your bones healthy, relieves arthritis [2] and enhances brain function [3]. For these reasons, boron is a key ingredient for helping you stay sharp in body and mind. What’s more, Hunter Test uses Boron chelate, which is the most potent form of the mineral.

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Performance Power

Utilizing the latest findings, we select clinical-grade nutraceuticals proven to deliver an unmistakeable vitality boost



Experts estimate 17.3% of the world’s population are zinc-deficient [1].

Why does this matter?

Research shows strong links between the levels of zinc in the body and testosterone. And your brain uses the mineral to create more of the Luteinizing Hormone [2], a major precursor to testosterone.

As a result, zinc deficiency can sink your testosterone. By ensuring you get enough zinc, you can restore your testosterone to normal, healthy levels [3]. Zinc also boosts fertility in men with low free testosterone [4].

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Indole-3-carbinol (I3C) is a compound found in broccoli, cauliflower, and other members of the Brassica family.

In fact, I3C is the active ingredient that gives many leafy green vegetables their cancer-fighting power [1].

But the compound also inhibits the sex-hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) to prevent your body from producing too much estrogen [2]. This helps you maintain healthy levels of testosterone.

As a result, I3C also enhances your drive, power and confidence.

Why can’t I get enough I3C from my diet?

Because you’d have to eat a lot of green vegetables to significantly boost your testosterone.

Even if you like your greens, it may be tough to get your fill every day. Hunter Test is on hand to top up your I3C levels and keep your hormones in check.

Why I3C makes Hunter Test a different beast

The latest research shows I3C is a powerful estrogen blocker. This stops the body from turning excess testosterone into the female hormone, which in turn lowers fatigue and prevents fat buildup.

Despite I3C’s power, very few testosterone boosters use it. Some use diindolylmethane (DIM), which derives from I3C. But the available research uses I3C as a test compound, not DIM.

So while there’s plenty of evidence showing I3C boosts testosterone, there’s not enough to warrant the use of DIM in other products.

This is just another example of the way in which Hunter Test uses ONLY well-researched ingredients.

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Magnesium is a mineral that boosts testosterone in men [1]. It also improves endurance [2] and sleep quality [3] to help ensure you’re ready for all life throws at you.

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