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Hunter Burn Premium Fat Burner

Burn fat. Beat hunger. Build muscle.

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Look better, feel better and burn fat faster with Hunter Burn

Trim the waist, keep the muscle

Lose the belly and build your manly frame

Keep your diet on track

Beat hunger cravings with ease

Power through your toughest days

Avoid energy crashes, even on a low-calorie diet

Command more respect

Grow your confidence and transform the way others see you

Live a longer, happier, more successful life

A 2015 study shows thinner men earn 16% more money on average [1]. But once you hit 20, your metabolism starts to slow [2] - although you may not have noticed until you hit your 30s.


The proven links between weight and success

Like many men of a certain age, you may find your waistline starting to expand. And as your stomach gets larger and rounder, your self-esteem starts to slide. Meanwhile, the excess weight increases the risks of heart disease and diabetes.

It’s a sad fact that looking better can mean you have more success at work [3]. A better look not only increases your confidence and fitness, but also can help you win over people at work and earn even more.

Feel you’ve lost the respect of your peers? We designed Hunter Burn to help you to take back control.

Hunter gives you the power to change

Hunter Burn is a new kind of product – a smarter fat burner. It’s designed to work with your body and your diet to help you burn fat without losing muscle.

5 reasons to choose Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn is designed to help you look and feel better than ever before.

Larger doses to meet YOUR demands

Hunter Burn uses six key fat-burning ingredients in just the right amounts. Each bottle contains 180 capsules – not the standard 60-90. Why? Because Hunter Burn is clinically dosed to deliver better results.

The Ultimate Fat Burning System

Looking to make real and lasting lifestyle change? We formulated the Ultimate Testosterone system for YOU. Designed to deliver the ultimate burnosterone boost, our exclusive 3+1 package is for those men who demand the best in everything they do.

Cleaner formula

At Hunter, we source the best ingredients from around the world – each one backed by the laburn research. Hunter Burn has no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, GMO, gluten, or soy.

We never, ever cut corners

Many brands move production to huge assembly lines in the Far East to cut costs – and the quality drops. But for your comfort and safety, all Hunter products are made to strict cGMP and FDA guidelines in the UK and USA.

Less is more

There are a lot of supplements on the market, yet many of them sacrifice on quality. By contrast, we've created a suite of three premium Hunter products. This allows us to focus on the finer details and to ensure you only ever get the best.

You have the right to demand the best

There are hundreds of fat burners out there – and it seems every day a new 'cutting-edge' product appears from nowhere. But despite the hype, most suffer from the same issues.

For example, ingredients like synephrine and yohimbe are all too common, despite posing the risk of severe side effects [4][5]. And even when you do find key ingredients in these other fat burners, you'll see brands hide weak doses in proprietary blends.

But at Hunter, we want to show you good fat burners do exist.

Here’s how Hunter Burn treats you with respect

At Hunter, your needs are important to us – and we never, ever cut corners. Our experts fine-tune Hunter Burn to help you achieve all we promise.

Need proof? Hunter Burn is dosed for premium performance

Hunter Burn contains green tea, which may boost your metabolism by 35% [6]

But as a high-grade product, Hunter doesn’t just use any green tea - we use matcha. This form of green tea is three times stronger than more common types [7].

Hunter Burn also contains konjac root – one of the few appetite suppressants approved by the FDA [8].

And remember our promise to help you burn fat without losing muscle?

Hunter Burn is one of the few fat burners to contain vitamin D3, which is shown to help men lose weight and build muscle [9] [10].

The science behind Hunter Burn

The six natural ingredients harnessed in Hunter Burn combine to provide three crucial weight-loss benefits:

Hunger Neutralizer

  • Konjac root

    Konjac root
  • White kidney bean

    White kidney bean

The stresses and strains of busy life almost inevitably mean eating the wrong things at the wrong time. Snacking is a key cause of excess weight gain. Hunter helps by selecting natural ingredients to help you feel fuller, for longer - meaning you're less likely to cheat and break your fast.

Hunter Burn uses the natural soluble fiber glucomannan from the root of the konjac plant. It can promote the feeling of fullness, whilst simultaneously reducing levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin. Even better, Hunter Burn works to halt excess carb absorption.


  • Cayenne pepper

    Cayenne pepper
  • Matcha Green Tea

    Matcha green tea

Metabolism is the mechanism by which your body turns the food you eat into the energy you need to live. but as we age, our metabolism has a tendancy to slow. Unburned calories are stored as unsightly flab. Hunter Burn kickstarts that sluggish metabolism to burn more fat.

Hunter Burn contains some of nature's most powerful thermogenic ingredients, chosen for their ability to raise your metabolism and encourage your body to burn more calories, even at rest. Specifically engineered to trim fat, not muscle.

Energy Unlock

  • L-Theanine

  • Vitamin D

    Vitamin D

The more active you are, the quicker you burn excess calories. But mustering the energy can be tricky... until Hunter Burn. By giving your workouts a kickstart, so you go longer and harder, you can experience the peak, calorie deficit zone.

The research team at Hunter consulted the latest scientific findings to select potent natural energy booster. Hunter Burn elevates your stamina alongside you motivation. And by skipping the caffeine, you don't suffer from the insomnie and jitters associated with other fat burner.

Each Hunter Burn capsule is loaded with HIGHER effective doses

And each bottle is PACKED with more capsules than our competitors give you. So, you enjoy DOUBLE the burnosterone-boosting benefit

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The Ultimate Fat Burning System

Buy a three-month supply of Hunter Burn and you receive so much more than just a high-grade fat burner

For successful men

Day after day, the Ultimate Fat Burning System is on hand to help you shred fat, slim down and achieve greater success.

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Real men deliver their verdict:Hunter Test works!

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Ready to look and feel better than ever before?

Here's the answer: Hunter Burn

With six powerful, yet safe ingredients, Hunter Burn isn't just any fat burner. We've created a products that leaves nothing to chance.

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Unique blend of ingredients

Hunter burn uses six key ingredients to help you cut fat, beat hunger and maintain your manly frame.

Fine-tuned for your needs

Our experts devise every dosage and serving size to help you meet the demands of your busy lifestyle.

Shred fat safely

Our premium fat burner quickly gives you the results you crave - without harmful side effects.

Take back control of your body... and your life

For years, you may have thought you loose control over weight gain as you age - so did scientists. But using the laburn research, Hunter Burn gives you the power to change.

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180 capsules per bottle

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Hunter Burn1 Month

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180 capsules per bottle

1 month supply

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