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Complete mental performance

Get faster results with Focus

Concentration. Focus. Creativity. These are the keys to modern-day-success at both work and home.

Previously, it was those with the innate ability to think clearly, quickly and continuously who naturally gravitated to the top. Today, YOU have that power at your disposal.

Imagine going into your next meeting sharper, more alert and with increased problem-solving skills. A supercharging of both your work and home life. Thanks to Focus by Hunter Evolve, that life is no longer a pipedream. By utilizing the latest R&D, such on-demand ability is now just a click away.

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The answer isnootropics

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers: supplements that support healthy brain function to boost focus, concentration and attentiveness. Sometimes called smart drugs, they are designed to improve your mental performance.

And leading the pack in natural nootropics is Focus by Hunter Evolve

Focus by Hunter Evolve utilizes safe, tested ingredients, all of which are methodically proven to deliver the cognitive advantage you need. The scientifically-optimized formula at the heart of this nature-based supplement provides the nutrients your brain requires to perform at its best, even when the pressure is on.

By harnessing the latest understanding on mental enhancement, Focus by Hunter Evolve unlocks your cerebral potential. It means you can become the man you were always destined to be. Choose Focus by Hunter Evolve to filter out the noise, make better choices and solve complex problems. You'll also enjoy more time to hit deadlines, achieve your goals and find your flow.

It's the secret that was once the preserve of political leaders and CEOs. Now it is within your reach.

Unlock your mind’s potential now

Enjoy the natural nootropic advantage

Imagine going into your next meeting benefiting from:


With improved memory retention you'll never again scrabble for a name or fact. Focus by Hunter Evolve keeps you on point.


Unbreakable concentration delivers a greater efficiency. Get into peak flow state, naturally and effortlessly.


When your head drops, so do the results. By increasing happiness and decreasing anxiety, you're better able to handle any hiccups.


Don't slip into the lift-and-crash routine that caffeine-based supplements deliver. Focus by Hunter Evolve is based on a naturally powerful anti-fatigue formula.


It's not always about working harder. Sometimes it's about working smarter. Focus by Hunter Evolve can unlock your creative problem-solving potential.


Processing, retaining and recalling information places great demands on your cognitive functioning. Focus by Hunter Evolve contains ingredients shown to support brain activity.

Focus on success

Choose the smarter cognitive enhancer: Focus by Hunter Evolve

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Focus by Hunter Evolve:
chosen by experts

Greg Gostincar

Greg Gostincar

Biohacker, nootropic researcher and productivity expert. Founder of Your Inception

I've tried over 50+ nootropic stacks over a number of years. Focus by Hunter Evolve definitely seems to be one of the best out there. They have developed a great nootropic formula.

Premium men

Tailored for premium men like YOU

Did you know that your brain adapts and changes as you age?

The concept of neuroplasticity - the brain's ability to constantly make new neural connections - means your neurological requirements today are very much different to those you had twenty years ago.

Focus by Hunter Evolve is specifically formulated to meet the demands of ambitious, aspirational men aged 30+. It's not a one-size-fits-all formula, as such formulas aren't truly effective. It means it is NOT optimized for students taking exams. Neither is it for senior citizens.

Instead, it's for men in their prime who wish to remain at the top of their game.

At this stage of your life, you need concentration to win-out the boardroom negations. Mood support to decompress after the stress and strains of office life. And mental clarity to ensure you always stay calm under pressure. All combined with an emphasis on long-term brain health and neural nourishment.

And that's exactly what Focus by Hunter Evolve is engineered to deliver.

Brain boosting

Benefit from the latest brain-boosting R&D

Think of your brain as a complex organic supercomputer. It may make up only 2% of your body weight, but can consume 20% of your body's oxygen and energy.

This supercomputer functions metabolically - through chemical reactions. And these reactions are powered by energy and nutrients.

Naurally occurring chemicals and compounds in Focus by Hunter Evolve work to enhance these metabolic pathways, neurotransmitters and enzymes to help your brain send out signals and form new and stronger pathways.

And ingredients that boost oxygen and blood flow to the brain fuel it to perform at full power.

Each natural component in Focus by Hunter Evolve has been carefully selected after studying a wealth of peer-reviewed evidence that offers statistical proof as to their potency and effectiveness.

The science behind Focus by Hunter Evolve

The nine natural ingredients contained in Focus by Hunter Evolve combine to provide three key benefits:

Concentration Activation

  • Citiclone

  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine

  • L-Theanine


When you simply have to seal the deal - when the entire office is reliant on you - the extra 1% advantage Focus by Hunter Evolve delivers can be the difference between success and failure.

Utilizing clinical-grade nutraceuticals to aid concentration in even the most stressful situations, studies clearly demonstrate the advantages Focus by Hunter Evolve' ingredients deliver. Bring the best version of you to the negotiating table, every time. Hold your nerve and find your flow with Focus by Hunter Evolve.

Memory Matrix

  • Lion's Mane Mushroom

    Lion's Mane Mushroom
  • Maritime Pine Bark

    Maritime Pine Bark
  • Bacopa


Have you experienced the awkwardness to reach for someone's name in your mind - only to find it's not there? It's a social embarrassment that can have wide-reaching consequences in a work environment.

Banish that worry for good with the memory-activating ingredients in Focus by Hunter Evolve. Each natural component has been selected because of the weight of research evidence to support them. Together, they combine synergistically to aid recall and enhance memory.

Mood Amplification

  • Phosphatid-ylserine

  • Ashwagandha

  • Passion Flower

    Passion Flower

How to keep cool when things get hot? Remaining calm and collected under times of stress is a key indicator of success. Maintaining a positive mindset is an absolute necessity.

The R&D team at Hunter Evolve selected three of the most widely-studied natural mood enhancers to bolster the effects of this next-generation nootropic. By providing you with a sustained mood lift, you get to be the Alpha leader in every room.

Each Focus by Hunter Evolve capsule is loaded with HIGHER effective doses.

And each bottle is packed with more capsules than our competitors give you. So, you enjoy DOUBLE the brain-boosting benefit!

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Demand the best

The premium nootropic for premium men

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Putting Focus by Hunter Evolve to work for YOU

How many ways will you benefit from the brain-boosting power of Focus by Hunter Evolve?

At work

We live in a world full of distractions. Emails, notifications, calls, traffic. Our attention span has been decimated over the last decade. How then are you expected to get that report in on time, answer those burning queries and finish work before the kids' bedtime?

With Focus by Hunter Evolve, you gain the mental clarity to better navigate your workload. Achieving a state of 'flow' gives you an intense state of concentration which makes tasks feel effortless - almost like you're on autopilot.

At home

Find it impossible to switch off from work when you get home? Too distracted by numbers and figures to be the great husband, father and family man that you need to be? This is where you need to be a superior multitasker the most.

Focus by Hunter Evolve's unique blend of natural nootropics allows you to devote your mental energies to the area of life you choose to prioritise - and makes switching your focus effortless. Imagine how your life will be transformed by being a caring husband, dutiful father and attentive son.

At play

You've had a busy day. Your head is still swimming with something that happened at work last week, your mental chore list is screaming at you and you've just remembered that you may have forgotten your anniversary. And now you’re worrying about having to compensate with an even better anniversary gift than usual? Sometimes it can get overwhelming – and you end up being less productive.

Focus by Hunter Evolve calms the brain chatter and delivers the laser focus that is the distinguishing feature of all great sportsmen. No distractions, no loss of concentration, just the added edge necessary to beat the competition.

Focus by Hunter Evolve is the natural choice

How to choose a nootropic?

It's simple: too many other nootropic brands contain a proprietary blend of unproven ingredients. You either don't know what you're putting in your body, or that which you are putting in is ineffective.

Contrast that with the fully transparent formula of Focus by Hunter Evolve. We're proud to show off our premium ingredients list - giving you bigger doses of the most effective nootropics.

Even better, Focus by Hunter Evolve doesn't rely on harsh caffeine stimulants which give an unnnatural buzz, swiftly followed by a crash. In contrast, Focus by Hunter Evolve offers a sustained, controlled flow of concentrated focus.

And because Focus by Hunter Evolve is designed to work in conjunction with - and leverage - Hunter Evolve products, you can stack safely without the worry about wasting your time and money on counter-productive blends.

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Our impeccable standards are your safeguards

Focus by Hunter Evolve is fully developed in-house. We're an experienced, credible manufacturer of trusted natural supplements.

The ingredients in Focus by Hunter Evolve have been chosen based upon independant clinical studies, often undertaken by some of the world's most prestigious universities. Quite simply, Focus by Hunter Evolve is backed by evidence-based science.

And every Focus by Hunter Evolve capsule is made in USA and UK laboratories adhering to strict FDA-authorized Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines.

Focus by Hunter Evolve is gluten, soy, preservative and synthetic free. 100% natural and certified non-GMO, Focus by Hunter Evolve is both powerful yet gentle on your body - there are no headaches, upset stomachs or energy slumps associated with our unique formula.

Still unsure if a nootropic is for you? Consider this, do you ever have an espresso before an important meeting? Then you've used natural nootropics to enhance performance!

Focus by Hunter Evolve is as natural as coffee (as you can discover for yourself through our commitment to fully transparent labelling) with advantages far more wide-ranging.

A small price to make a big difference

Incredibly, the daily cost of Focus by Hunter Evolve is little more than that of a takeout coffee. Small price to pay for the difference it could make to your life, we're sure you'll agree?

Titans of Wall Street, pioneers of Silicon Valley and elite entrepreneurs worldwide are using nootropics to their advantage.

Imagine if your competitors haven't already discovered nootropics? Think of the advantage you can leverage. Why don't you now begin to enjoy the edge Focus by Hunter Evolve is guaranteed to deliver?

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